Emergency Lights

by Swish

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'Emergency Lights' was Swish's first full-length LP back in 2007. Although it's a bit rough around the edges, 'Emergency Lights' still has a lot of youthful passion to offer. The record wears it's influences on it's sleeve, veering between full-throttle Gothic pop-punk and sombre marches. Includes the single 'Great Gatsby'.


released September 17, 2007



all rights reserved


Swish Tokyo, Japan

Swish is the dark melody of despair that began in 2006 with the 6 track mini-album 'Thousand Fathoms Under'. Three lo-fi, post-punk & shoegaze albums followed in it's wake; 'Emergency Lights' (2007), 'A Life Long Winter' (2008), 'Whitelands' (2010) before culminating in the slightly less lo-fi efforts 'The Final' (2012) and 'Vulture' (2016). ... more

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Track Name: A Rare Moment of Happiness
It's in these moments of happiness that I'm at my most sad
Because after such happiness, things are bound to turn bad.
As summer turns to winter and winter learns to destroy our dreams
I'm sick and tired of achieving nothing.

How many moments of perfect happiness do we get per one life?
Shorts in the midnight, wilting sakura trees on the April breeze
It's on days like this when the sun is in the sky and I'm surrounded by life
That I realize that one day everyone must die.

But at least we won't die fruitless, we watered a seed and grew a tree
And maybe I can smile when I die if she's happy and healthy and by my side
And then... Only then... Will I consider myself a success
Only then will I be a success.
Track Name: They Bore the Brocade Banner
Sonno Joi
Revere the emperor. Revere the emperor.
Expel the barbarians. Barbarians.
Know yourself and know your enemy
And you will be invincible in a hundred battles.
Protect the emperor!
Track Name: One Wish
One wish
Just give me one wish
I'd spend my whole life paying for it.
Just let me die before my child dies.
Just let me die before my loved one dies.
Just let me die, I'm of sound mind.
Just let me die, take my whole life.
Take it, take it, take it, take it.
Track Name: King of Crows
He comes when the lights are low and the storybooks are out
He comes when the rumor turns in your head into fact
You know you knew this rumor for reason, baby.

The king of crows.

Be careful what you wish for because you can't take it back.
Be careful what you wish for, baby
Because when you least expect it he will come
And you have to repay your debts.
Track Name: Tales of Bushido
This is the last ride for the angels of Satsuma
The emperor has pushed us, so we hold our banners high.

This will not be the victory you wanted.
Our way of life has ended.

This is the last ride for the angels of Satsuma.
Our sharpened katana will bring death to the enemy.

All of the blood I have on my hands will wash clean in the river that runs beside the cottage of my family home.
Track Name: Emergency Lights
Emergency lights by the roadside
I thought you were coming to dinner
I crossed the road to see what I could see
An overturned Landrover half into the sea
I saw your face from afar, cold and pale
And by the siren's sigh, I sat down and cried.
Track Name: These Atlantic Waves
Splintered timber on the waves
Our ship went down in sight of land
The tides they ravaged our sea worn hull
We've lost our way in this Atlantic rain.

The lifeboat only takes one.
One of us will die here.
My twisted heart says it's me.
I forced my hand
I forced my fate
Now it's an honor to sink beneath these Atlantic waves.
Track Name: Great Gatsby
You came to my house
With your jokes and opinions and your literary views
But I see through your disguise, I see it in your eyes
And I've been silently judging you from across the room.

Oh no, it's the Great Gatsby come to life in my living room
But oh no, not quite as good as it should have been
And YOU won't outwit ME.

You come to my house
And you shake my hand, pretend to be my friend
But exactly what type of row are you trying to stir up in my house?

You can know half the dictionary but you won't outwit me tonight.
No no no.

She is my oxygen.
She's the air I breathe.
And I will never relinquish her.
Track Name: Lucette Slips
I shed a tear as I was reading beneath the cherry tree
As Lucette slips beneath the waves of a raging sea
And I denounce the mediocrity of your gift
And I denounce the vulgarity of your entourage.

Somewhere in a gulch there is a suicide on painkillers
And my tears fall from my eyes and make the ink on your letter run
This sundial of life has let me down
It's let me down.

You are my Ada
Here is my Ardis
I am your Van and I would dance upon my hands.

The hands on a clock let's the face know where it stands
I don't know where I stand and so I must fall.
Track Name: Centipede
Centipedes invade my dreams
Washing over me like a pitch black icy sea
Centipedes are all I find
In the darkened center ground that occupies my mind

She said "This could be heaven"
But it looks quite like hell to me
How can this be heaven when it's populated by hell's minions?
Look but don't touch
Taste but don't you dare swallow
It's so constraining and confusing in my eyes
But still those centipedes cajole me
Invite me, persuade me to sit at their table
And it's hard to resist a chalice such as this
When every rose is stemmed by thorns
Every cloud is full of thunder
And every love is marred by some tragedy or other
When these things dominate my dreams
I think it's time
Time to leave.